Christian Coaching in Minnesota

Think about the relationship you might share with a personal trainer at the gym. The trainer begins by evaluating your current fitness level, determining your strengths and areas for improvement. He or she then guides you through workouts that will help you achieve your goals. Your trainer coaches you through every exercise while offering encouragement.

You may have to complete difficult exercises, but your trainer knows progress lies just outside of your comfort zone. Personal trainers keep you accountable, motivated, and focused on your goals.

What Is a Christian Coach?

Just as your body needs strengthening and conditioning, so might your faith in God’s vision for your life. To help you better understand that vision and challenge you to fulfill it, consider the assistance of a Christian coach.

Similar to your relationship with a personal trainer, a Christian coach helps you identify where you currently are, where you want to be, and ways to get there. Your coach will offer guidance and support as you work to live more vibrantly through Christ.

How Does Christian Coaching Differ from Counseling?

While coaches use some of the same listening techniques as therapists, Christian coaching is not counseling. There is no psychiatric work, diagnoses, or treatment plan. Counseling strives to inspire healing by analyzing psychological and emotional issues from the past.

Christian coaching focuses on your future, equipping you with the tools to live an abundant, satisfying life. Christian coaching facilitates personal growth and advancement in all areas of your life, including your faith.

Where Can I Find a Coach?

God has a plan for you. Open yourself up to your divine purpose and maximize your personal and professional potential. If you live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, begin your journey of self-discovery by contacting The Center for Family Counseling. Call today and schedule your first session with a Christian coach.

Need help strategizing for your future? Call us today at any of our locations to schedule coaching sessions.

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