Marriage Counseling Clinic in Minnesota, and the Buffalo, MN, Area

Marriage takes a lot of work. But even with both parties putting in all their effort, they might not be able to solve their problems on their own. The Center for Family Counseling understands and wants to help. We are a marriage counseling clinic in Minnesota, serving Buffalo, MN, and surrounding areas, and we help couples of all ages find increased fulfillment in their marriage.

What Do You Get Out of Therapy?

Marriage counseling is beneficial on a number of levels, and couples seek it for many reasons. Some couples have had troubles for many years, while others simply want extra guidance during a transitional period in their relationship. No matter why you choose to seek help, you’ll see notable improvements in your relationship:

  • Improved communication: Learning to communicate what we need or feel as individuals can be a big challenge. Our therapists work with you to help you know how to effectively communicate your thoughts to your spouse.
  • Better listening: When we have high emotions, listening to what someone else has to say isn’t easy, but it’s a crucial point of a happy marriage. Through our sessions, you and your spouse will improve your ability to listen and understand each other.
  • Greater capacity to solve problems: With the help of our experienced staff, you and your spouse will learn valuable problem solving skills and how to use them to make decisions together.

During marriage counseling, you’ll also notice that you see changes on an individual level. Our therapy techniques help you and your spouse resolve past issues that could be affecting your behavior. By doing this, we leave you with the ability to form better habits and patterns of interaction.

How Do We Help?

The Center for Family Counseling has offered Christian-based marriage counseling in Minnesota and the Buffalo, MN, area for over 18 years. Find a location near you to start on your journey to a happy marriage.

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